Seattle Web Designer

“Where the needs of the world and your talents cross, there lies your vocation.”

As a little girl, Kelly spent countless hours designing tiny clothes for her Barbie dolls. Sometimes, she gleaned bits of silk, plush velvet and textured jacquard from her mother’s leftover sewing projects. Other times, the scraps ran out.

No matter — Kelly simply improvised with Kleenex. As she cut and layered humble tissues, miniature ball gowns lavish with ruching, peplums and poufs fell from her fingers. Not only did Kelly have the best-dressed Barbie in the neighborhood, her love of design was undeniable.

That passion became the key to her life and career choices.

In college, Kelly earned a dual major in costume and fabric design. She worked with color and form, layering, as she had so many years before, to create garments of beauty. In time, she launched her own clothing business.

Kelly also enjoyed gardening, and eventually turned her focus from clothes to pottery. She sold her hand-painted ceramic pots in local garden centers and even garnered the attention of notable companies like Jackson & Perkins.

Like all good things, knowledge is best shared. Kelly began to spread her talents and skills to others through teaching and writing. Holding editorial positions at magazines eventually segued into the digital design world as she began overseeing corporate websites.

Not one to manage from afar, Kelly’s curiosity fueled her desire to understand how websites were created. As she learned the intricacies of manipulating code, she discovered yet another form to express her passion for design.

When she leapt from corporate life to the creation of her own business in KLS Designs, something came full circle. Now, not only could she infuse her love of design with her desire to serve and promote others, she could do it in a way that was deeply satisfying both personally and professionally.

For Kelly, designing websites for small and new businesses, like fashioning ball gowns all those years ago, comes straight from the heart.
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