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Riddle Construction & Design Introducing Riddle Construction & Design
Whole House Cottage Transformation
Progression of Small Bathroom Remodel
Progression of Small Kitchen Remodel
Case Study: Kitchen Remodel
Case Study: Bathroom Remodel
Powder Room Remodel Solves Space Issues
Master Bath Transformed Into Spa-Like Retreat


Simple Serenity






Welcome to Simple Serenity
Meet Lorrie Jones
My Journey of Healing with Mindfulness Meditation
What is Mindfulness and Mindfulness Meditation?
What is Mindfulness and How do I Use it Daily?
21 Days of Eating Mindfully Overview
Eating Mindfully 21-day Challenge ~ Your Journey to a Healthy Relationship with Yourself and Food
Yoga for the Chair
Eating Mindfully with the Raisin Eating Exercise
Signs or Symptoms Possibly Indicating an Eating Disorder
If not now when ~ the myth of postponement
The heart and soul of why you eat ~ it’s not what you think
Happiness ~ how to tap in when the door seems shut
Gratitude ~ finding the gift in every situation
Awareness of behavior in the face of food
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